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Visiting A Village (historic Communities)

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Visiting A Village

Written by Bobbie Kalman and the publisher is Crabtree Publishing Company. This children's book went on sale on the 12th of December, 1990. If you find yourself within the library you can in all likelihood look it up with the Dewey Decimal Classification, E161.K35 1993. The book has 32 pages and it has colorfully illustrated pictures. The child's book focuses on Villages.

Crabtree Publishing Company

MPN: 9780865055070
ISBN: 0865055076
Author: Bobbie Kalman

Bobbie Kalman's acclaimed Historic Communities Series supplies a close-up view of how people lived more than two hundred years ago. Children will have fun studying about: -- early homes and the settler community-- what people wore and also the crafts they made-- how settlers made their living-- how they spent their leisure time-- the values, customs, and traditions from the early settlers Colorful photos, many taken by Bobbie Kalman herself at restored historic villages across the country, help support the fascinating facts.

Visiting a Village is an ideal introduction to understanding the concept of community. Children will learn how the settlers worked together by trading their goods and services with each and every other. Knowing about what they might see on their first visit to an historic site will assist spark a child's curiosity.


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