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Hannah And The Spindle Whorl

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Hannah And The Spindle Whorl

Your children will love this fantastic book by Carol Anne Shaw. Written by Carol Anne Shaw and it was published by Ronsdale Press. The book went on sale in August of 2010. The children's book is 244 pages long. To obtain your personal print of this children's book, visit the button on this page.

Ronsdale Press

ISBN: 1553801032
Author: Carol Anne Shaw

When twelve-year-old Hannah uncovers an ancient Salish spindle whorlhidden in a cave near her residence in Cowichan Bay, she is transported backto a village referred to as TlÄ ô ulpalus, in a time before Europeans had settled in thearea. Hannah and Yisella are accidentally left behind when the villagers journeyto the mainland, and witness the arrival of Governor James Douglas andnumerous settlers on the Hecate. As the settlers pillage the village forsouvenirs, Hannah and Yisella rescue the spindle whorl and escape intothe forest, pursued by the shipÄ ô s crew. The darkness of the forest leadsthem back to the cave, and Hannah returns to her personal time with agreater understanding of herself and the history using the quite first Nations. Here she discoversthat the spindle whorl is the prize possession of YisellaÄ ô s mother, Skeepla,a well-known spinner and weaver. Through the agency of a trickster raven, Hannah befriends Yisella,a young Salish girl, and is welcomed into village life. When Skeepla falls victim to smallpox,Hannah finally begins to open up in regards to the loss of her personal mother.


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