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Day Of The Cyclone: Disaster Strikes, Book 7

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Day Of The Cyclone Disaster Strikes

The author is Penny Draper and it was published around April of 2012 by Coteau Books. The child's book is 176 pages long and it provides you with a variety of artwork. Edited by Barbara Sapergia. The book focuses on Tornades and Tornadoes. We want you to get the best price and service when selecting a children's book. Please, click on the shopping cart link.

Coteau Books

ISBN: 1550504819
Author: Penny Draper

June 1912: Ella is surprised by her birthday gift from her mother, a Brownie camera along generating use of the advice to seek pictures of things that"don't belong."This is how Ella 1st notices Billy, a boy at her school who seems out of place. But the storm also reveals a few hidden secrets. Just as Ella is learning a lot more about herself, her mother and her mysterious friend, the tornado (identified then as a cyclone) arrives, bringing devastation to the city. They include herself! Based on the story of a real 1912 tornado. Can Ella, armed only with her camera and its evidence, help her friend? But there is someone else who is much more out of place, a stranger who pretends to be something he isn't, and he's as much as no great. When Ella's mother's purse is raided, suspicion falls wrongly on Billy. It's the substandard housing of the poor that's worst-hit. Helping out at a tea for the women's rights group to which her mother belongs, Ella finds out about her spot in society — or the lack of it. Ella soon realizes there are others to whom the"don't belong"tag applies. They become excellent friends, although Ella is sure Billy is keeping a thing from her.


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