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Champlain written by Christopher Moore is a brilliant book. Written by Christopher Moore and it was published on the 24th of August, 2004 by Tundra Books. The book is 56 pages long and it has splendidly colored illustrations of maps. It highlights History and Explorers. For more information on this child's book, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

Tundra Books

ISBN: 0887766579
Author: Christopher Moore

“ One July day four hundred years ago, Samuel de Champlain stepped out of a modest boat at Quebec and began a great adventure. ” So begins Christopher Moore's riveting account of the life from the extraordinary, daring “ father of New France. Champlain is illustrated with archival maps and paintings. That initial permanent settlement was abandoned right after a disastrous winter claimed the lives of half the colonists. But Champlain was also a man who suffered his share of defeats and disappointments. His marriage to a kid bride was unhappy and marked by extended separations. Additional artwork has been provided by Francis Back. Eventually Quebec had to turn into surrendered temporarily towards the English in 1629. In this remarkable book, illustrated completely with paintings, archival maps, and original artifacts, Christopher Moore brings to life this complicated man and, through him, creates a portrait of Canada in its earliest days. ” Samuel de Champlain helped found the first permanent French settlement in the New World; he established the village that eventually became the great city of Quebec; he was a skilled cartographer who gave us a lot of of our first accurate maps of North America; he forged alliances with Native nations that laid the foundations for vast trading networks; and as governor, he set New France on the road to becoming a productive, self-sufficient, thriving colony.


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